Twincam ILQ9 BCB Ceramic 608 Bearings (16 pack)

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Twincam ILQ9 BCB Ceramic 608 Bearings are designed for professional speed skaters. They are super lite, fast, and durable. The ultimate choice for a skater seeking great performance!

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Sold in packs of 16 pieces, plus 8 aluminium UFO spacers included.

  • Made in USA Black Ceramic Ball.
  • Lifetime renew certificate included: Register your bearings and you will enjoy a lifetime of top running bearings at no extra cost, just send the bearings to the manufacturer and they will replace the steel cage at no extra cost to you (shipping charges to and from are your responsibility)
  • Exclusive 6 ball design in-line bearing
  • Exclusive design 6 ball nylon retainer with self-lubricated material
  • Inner ring with exclusive design “SCRS”, S-channel Rubber Shield, to avoid contamination
  • Greater loading than standard 608 bearings.
  • Clearance designed for in-line racing
  • Lubricant: TK Ultra Light Gel for better protection inside balls and nylon retainer.

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