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DryFluid Extreme is the ultimate dry lube as opposed to the classic oil or grease lube. This product is used in the auto and aviation industries and is made of the highest quality materials, in Germany, to provide very fast speed that speed skaters love. Unlike oils and grease which attract dirt and dust, DryFluid repels it. Long lasting lubrication comes from the high end components to work together and increase the speed with low friction. The precision applicator tip makes it easy to apply the lube in precise locations. Comes in a 10ml bottle.


  • HIGH END DRY LUBE for the skater wanting the most speed from their bearings.
  • LONG LASTING LUBRICATION AND DIRT/DUST REPELLENT qualities keep bearings cleaner and faster.
  • FASTER, SMOOTHER SPINS are achieved from the low friction properties to help reduce any sticking of the axles to the bearings.
  • PRECISION APPLICATOR on the 10ml bottle makes it easier to apply the dry lube. Please follow instructions carefully for optimal results.
  • Made in Germany
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