Matter – Code White 100mm F1 86A (8pcs)

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Matter wheels are, The best speedskating wheel company on the market.

The Matter CODE wheel is a well-developed racing wheel designed for tricky conditions (weather/environment) and is slightly wider in shape. CODE wheels offer more grip than G13 thanks to its core construction. Created over 15 years ago the wheel has been refined to perform at the highest level for all road, track and marathon events.
What is the F rating?
The F rating is Matter’s own durometer measure (how hard or soft the wheel is).

F0 = 88a (hard)
F1 = 86a (medium)
F2 = 84a (soft

Technical attributes
– 100mm
– F1 / 86a
– Track / Road / Marathon

They are king of the hill for over a decade now, making the best and fastest wheels which helped professional speedskaters win countless races and break records.

All Matter wheels are made in the USA.

If you want the very best, go for Matter!

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Matter РCode White 100mm  F1 86A

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