Freestyle Max Pink

Original price was: Rp8.500.000.Current price is: Rp8.250.000.

Unleash the speed with our cutting-edge Speed Slalom skate, meticulously crafted through Freestyle’s Research and Development. The future of mobility is here with a cuff-less, full carbon boot design for unparalleled agility.

Frame Length :
– 8.3” (EU27-EU32) • 3 x 90mm wheels
– 8.8” (EU33-EU43) • 3 x 100mm wheels
– 9.2” (EU40-EU43) • 3 x 100mm wheels
Extra 2 insole for reducing size
⚡️ Conquer any surface with FS Max 83A Wheels (90mm or 100mm) – built for speed and precision.
Unleash your potential with Freestyle Max! 🌟 Ready to redefine your skating experience? Lace-up and feel the thrill! 🔥

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

34, 35, 36, 37, 38

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