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Blank Frame is the benchmark for street skate frames with its design, quality and construction. UFS mounting makes it versatile and modular for UFS compatible skates. Zytel material increases its strength to withstand the abuse street skates can get and the Super Lock groove in the middle of the frames give it a sweet spot for locking onto the various rails and obstacles skaters tend to session on. All hardware and axles are included.

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  • Street skaters go through frames faster than most skaters. The nature of the sport involves jumps, grinds and rolling through obstacles that intimidate most people. Blank Frames are street tested and proven to last. From the skateparks to the streets, Blank frames will not disappoint and hold up to the standards of the most demanding rollers.
  • Zytel composite UFS construction for durability and compatibility.
  • Integrated H-block and Super Lock groove for increased grinding space in the center of the frames.
  • Includes 8 wheel axles and 4 mounting bolts
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