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The perfect upgrade/conversion for Rollerblade Tempest skates that elevates the skating experience with higher speed, better maneuverability, less vibration, a smoother ride and longer wear. The 3WD Marathon frame includes everything that is needed to convert Tempest skates to 3 wheel drive. Its cutting edge components make it faster with less vibration, more maneuverability and efficiency. Included in the kit: a pair of 12.6″ extruded aluminum frames, , (6) racing axles and (4) boot screws.

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– 3WD PROVIDES A NEW EXPERIENCE WITH BIGGER WHEELS for skaters. Less vibration, longer wear, a smoother ride, increased maneuverability and more efficiency are what to expect when skating them.
– 12.6″ EXTRUDED ALUMINUM construction delivers incredible power transfer and stability. It weighs 210 grams and has 165mm and 195mm mount spacing.
– INCLUDES ALL NECESSARY MOUNTING HARDWARE. (6) racing axles and frame mounting hardware with easy to understand, detailed instructions.

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